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Spicing up the Seasoned Relationship

I've heard the question, "How do you keep marriage from going stale after so many years?" Well, as a wife of almost 38 years, I can say it is a challenge! Why is it a challenge? Because it's easy to get comfortable in a routine and stay there. But routines get old and boring.

So, to keep old and boring from settling in, here are some ideas to keep the spicy and life into your seasoned relationship.

~Relive your first date. Go back to the place that started it all. Or role play just meeting each other for the first time. "Perchance" meet at a new restaurant. Have dinner and drinks. and the best part is, you can go home with this first date. (Wink, wink)

~Random acts of kindness. (A foot massage after a hard day)

~ A lingerie/sexy undies fashion show. You do one for him, and he does one for you.

~Go on a Chauffer-driven date. If you're a big spender, rent a limo. For the more budget conscious ask a good friend to chauffeur you around. But no backseat hanky-panky, you don't want to scar your friend for dear life.

~Have sweet treats or flowers delivered to your love several times on the same day (not just on Valentine's Day and birthdays).

~Schedule a photo shoot. Not the traditional photo shoot. Hire a photographer who specializes in couples shoots. This can be done at their studio or your home (clothing can be optional). I've seen some very tastefully done nude couple shoots. Or set up your own photo booth at home and snap away!

~Water is always romantic: A lunch/dinner boat cruise, a walk on the lake/oceanfront, etc.

~Be flirty and talk dirty. Sets the mood every time.

~Nothing beats old and boring like spontaneity! Pack up and go for a weekend getaway. Even if it's to a hotel on the other side of your hometown.

I'm sure there are plenty more ideas out there that can help keep the doldrums out of your relationship. And I'd love to hear them! shoot me an email at and share.

Until next time...

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