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 2021 D.A.G. Winner

2022 D.A.G Winner

2022 Spring Bookfest Winner

Even as a young girl I have always had a passion for writing. And a good love story just makes my day! My first writing as a teen was a love poem to my high school sweetheart. Since then I've written more poetry, some short stories, and now, my first novel. I'm a wife of over 35 years and a mom to 3 daughters and 1 son. I worked in Early Childhood Education, which I absolutely loved until all of my children were of school age. After that, I took on one of my other passions, Photography. I am currently the owner and operator of LSB Photography, specializing in portraits and event photography. When 2020 blew in with her vengeance, and with shelter in place enacted, I returned to my passion for writing. Hence the birth of "Then Came You". When I'm not reading or writing, you might find me on a date with my hubby, at my daughter's basketball game, hanging out with my girlfriends, or somewhere out in nature...all with my camera in hand.

- Potato chips are my weakness

- I love music, singing & journaling

- Mermaids are my spirit animal

- I am a thru & thru romance junkie!

The coolest thing about God is...even His "no" has goodness written all over it.


Wife~Mother ~Author~Photographer

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