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September To Summer:
A Principle's Heart

Then Came You

Distinguished Author's Guild Award 

"I finished
September to Summer
in one    day. Lacey and Tio! Wow!!"

~Mary Probe

"Delightfully STEAMY..."

~Dena Chapman

"I couldn't put this book down!"

~Arlita Carter

"Romance, romance, ROMANCE! My heart exploded frequently while reading this book!"

~Kay Harper

"I absolutely loved the book!!!"
Natalie has a way with words that make you want to live within the story! There was never a dull moment..."

~Principal Monique Dockery

OMG! This book is Amazing!

~Rachel Jarmon

"Darius had me looking for my husband." 
~M. Araujong
"I kept scrolling even though I knew it was the last page." ~D. Hill
“Whew‼️‼️ Gurlie, this was a great read...”
~S. Latson
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