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September To Summer:
A Principal's Heart

In this award-winning romance novel, Lacey Alexander, a Converse-wearing, man-hating, plus-sized Diva, is the new Principal at Drexel Elementary. She plans to make a difference in the declining Chicago neighborhood she grew up in. But this school year will be like no other, professionally or personally, when Tio Jacobson walks into her office.
Her heart has been abandoned, cheated on, and abused. Trying to deny her attraction to this good-looking, full of sexiness former football, her heart & body betrays her.
But Tio has a secret that could shatter Lacey's heart for good!
Enjoy Tio and Lacey's steamy, emotional roller coaster ride! It's a ride you won't soon forget!

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Then Came You

Book 1 of 4

In this award-winning book, your heart will smile, cry and celebrate with these two sisters!
Shannan is a successful photographer with everything going for her, but love. With a freshly broken heart, she is skeptical of love. Then came Jabari. A handsome mailman who manages to get her attention. But when his past comes back and threatens another blow to her heart, Shannan, with the help of her "ride or die" crew fights back. Armed with her camera this photographer focuses on squashing his past and capturing her true love.
Zaniyah was enjoying the single life...Then came Brian. She was the hot cheerleader in school, and he was the nerd boy. Now he's all grown up and the ugly duckling has become a handsome swan. "Z" is intrigued by the new Brian and sets out on a friends-with-benefits relationship. But who told her heart to participate?
Now that Brian must leave for his home overseas and all she wants is for him to stay.

Right Now & Forever

Book 2 of 4

Lady's man Lorenzo Martinez doesn't believe in love. And why should he? He's only seen love abandon, scar, and leave people hoping for something that never comes.

When Lorenzo, literally collides with his new boss, Mason Booker, their attraction is instant. They agree to a "just fun" relationship, but eventually, their hearts say different. But neither is willing to admit that they want more.

How do you love, yet pretend not to love at the same time?


Love Beyond The Waves

Book 3 of 4

Combining her 2 passions, photography & traveling, Chris sets sail to find new life adventures. What she finds is love with Bradley, friendship with Anya, and the nightmare of her past.

With Bradley and Anya at her side, Chris discovers her inner strength and her pathway forward from the prison of her past.

One Song

Book 4 of 4

Zaniyah and Brian are a fun-loving power couple in the world of steppers. They spend most of their free time, together, on the dance floor at the new stepper's club on the outskirts of Downtown Chicago. Their shared love of dance is only exceeded by their love for each other. But when lies, secrets and family betrayal rear their ugly heads how will their love survive?


Dear Butterfly...

Wishes from the Heart

It's been 5 years since the tragedy of losing her boyfriend and their infant daughter, upended Mya's life. 

She has picked up the pieces of her life and moved on with the help of her two besties, Shantel and Toni. They live in the small suburb of Jasperville, Il, where Mya owns a bookstore and cafe`. However, Mya has let the fear of loving and losing love again, prevent her from even entertaining the idea of a relationship.

That is until the handsome Reese Stallworth rescues her from a flat tire in a rainstorm. Feelings that she had long ago buried are stirred awake.

But when Shantel's police detective boyfriend re-opens Mya's child abduction case, the revelations he discovers will rock Mya's world!

To Be Loved by Blue

They were just looking for fun.
what they found was each other and so much more!

Forever Yours, Again

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