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Just as the waters flow from the shower head, so do the stories of Mr. Jet Shower Sprayer.

Read fun and entertaining stories from the perspective of a showerhead. Have you ever wondered what your shower head thinks about your daily routine? Well, wonder no more! In this fascinating journal, written by Mr. Jet Sprayer, you'll get an inside look at the daily lives of those who step into the shower. From the hurried businessman who rushes through his morning routine, to the loving couple who share a steamy shower together, this shower head has seen it all. It even shares its thoughts on the water temperature and the different smells of soaps and colognes that people use. You'll be amazed by the insights that this showerhead has to offer. So, step into the shower and see what this talking showerhead has to say!

As the Water Flows: The Diary of a Shower head

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