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In this must read romance, five years after Mya Stevenson's life had been turned upside down, by her boyfriend's death and their infant daughter's kidnapping, she, along with her two besties, Shantel and Toni have relocated to the small suburb of Jasperville, Il. Now the owner of Page's Bookstore and Cafe' in the small downtown area, Mya has moved on with her life, with the exception of love. She has allowed the fear of loving and losing, again, to prevent her from even entertaining the idea of a relationship.

However, when the handsome and charming Reese Stallworth, owner and operator of Dapper Gents barber shops, rescues her from a flat tire in a rain storm, feelings that she had long since buried are awakened.

But as their relationship blossoms, Mya's past comes into play when Shantel's police detective boyfriend re-opens the case of Mya's missing daughter. The revelations he uncovers will completely rock Mya's world.

"Dear Butterfly...Wishes from the Heart" is a captivating and emotional romance that will have your heart breaking, smiling and soaring in the end.

Dear Butterfly...Wishes from the Heart

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