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From the time they were children, Zaniyah and Brian in a relationship was as far-fetched as unicorns and fairies. She, the popular sassy, cheerleader, and he, the shy nerd boy. Even when they reconnected by chance, as adults, the reality of them being in a relationship and falling in love just didn’t seem possible being that he lived in Paris and was only home for a short time. But life and love are a funny thing… maybe unicorns and fairies aren’t so far-fetched after all. Zaniyah didn’t think she could love Brian any more than she did, especially now that he’s given up his life in Paris to be with her. Brian had a head start on their love since he’d loved her from a distance, since their childhood. Giving up Paris wasn’t a hardship for him at all. Not when the reward was the heart of his lifelong love. Zaniyah and Brian are a fun-loving, power couple in the world of Steppers. They spend most of their free time, together, on the dance floor at the new stepper’s club on the outskirts of Downtown Chicago. Their shared love of dancing is only exceeded by their love for each other. But when secrets, lies, and family betrayal blindside them, will their love survive?

One Song

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