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Ladies man Lorenzo Martinez does not believe in love or happily ever after. And why should he? For most of his life, he has only seen love abandon, scar, and leave people hoping for something that never comes. Mason Booker had love or so she thought. Her last love experience not only crushed her heart but also her dreams of finding love and her happily ever after. But when Lorenzo and Mason's lives, literally, collide there is an instant attraction. They spend weeks trying to resist the inevitable. Ultimately, they give in to their lustful desires. Who needs forever? In complete agreement, they go into a "just right now", off-the-clock, non-committed, undercover lovers, relationship. However, when love darkens the door of their hearts, neither is willing to admit it. Love is not what they agreed on. But the heart wants what it wants. How do you love and pretend not to love at the same time?

Right Now and Forever

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