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2022 Bookfest Romance Award Winner

2022 Distingiushed Auther's Guild Award Winner


Lacey Alexander, a Converse wearing, man-hating, plus sized Diva, is the new Principal at Drexel Elementary. She plans to make a difference in the declining Chicago neighborhood that she grew up in. But this school year will be like no other, professionally or personally, when Tio Jacobson walks into her office.

Her heart has been abandoned, cheated on and abused. Trying to deny her attraction to this good-looking, full of sexiness former football, her heart & body betray her.
But Tio has a secret that could shatter Lacey's heart for good!
Enjoy Tio and Lacey's steamy, emotional roller coaster ride! It's a ride you won't soon forget!



All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License



By (author): Natalie Murphy, Cover design or artwork by: Tiffani Harrington

September to Summer: A Principal's Heart

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  • Publication Date

    October 4, 2021

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