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In this mutli-award winning book, Lacey Alexander has just started a new school year, in her new position as Principal of Drexel Elementary School. She is looking forward to being a positive change in the declining Chicago neighborhood that she grew up in, with the help of her childhood bestie, Brandy, at her side. This school year will be like no other for this plus-sized, Chucks-wearing, man-hating diva, personally or professionally. Jealousy, staffing troubles, and gang violence are just a few of her encounters. However, they pale in comparison to when Tio Jacobson walks through her office door. Lacey's heart has been abandoned, abused, and cheated on. So, of course, she tries to deny her attraction to this tall, good-looking, full-of-sexiness former football player. But her heart and her body override her "good sense". Tio, however, has a secret. Knowing how fragile Lacey's heart is, he must set things right before his secret shatters her heart for good!

September to Summer: A Principal's Heart

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