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Then Came You (Book 1 of 4)


2021 Distinguished Author's Guild Award Winner

2022 BookFest Honorable Mention


Two sisters, two stories of love... all in one book! Shannan is a successful photographer with everything going for her but love. With a freshly broken heart, her image of love is blurred and she's skeptical about opening up her heart and giving love another shot. Then came Jabari. A handsome mailman who manages to get her attention. His charm and self-confidence coupled with the sexual tension between them make him hard for Shannan to resist him. But when his past comes back and threatens another blow to her heart, Shannan fights back. With her camera and the help of her "ride or die crew", will this photographer capture true love this time?


Zaniyah, her younger sister, was enjoying the single life. Then came Brian. As children, they couldn't have been more different. She was the hot, sassy cheerleader all the boys noticed, including Brian. But he was the quiet, awkward nerd boy that she rarely noticed. All grown up now, Z is still a hottie and still has quite the male following. When her date blows her off, Brian, who has gone from nerdy duckling to handsome swan steps in. Infatuated by the man Brian has become, she agrees to a " friends with benefits" relationship, since he's only going to be in town for a short period of time. How was she to know that his kiss would make her mind go blank? That his touch would make her body go limp? Who told her heart to participate in this? Now he has to go and all she wants is for him to stay.


Then Came You will make you believe in true love again!



All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License



By (author): Natalie Murphy, Cover design or artwork by: Tiffani Harrington

Then Came You

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    April 5, 2021

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