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"To Be Loved by Blue" is a sizzling romance that will leave you breathless.

Disappointment and heartbreak have made Antionette "Toni" Kennedy shut down on the idea of finding real love. To protect her heart she throws herself into a life of promiscuity, believing she can control love.

That is, until she meets Officer Darius Johnson, the newest detective on the Jasperville force, and a hero in the eyes of her best friend Mya. Everything about Officer Johnson, makes Toni say, “No”.  However, despite her reservations, Toni can't resist this gorgeous, gray-eyed, tattooed, hero in blue.

But when tragedy strikes, during a dog fighting ring investigation, she must confront her true feelings and pray that it's not too late for them. Filled with passion, drama, and heart-wrenching moments, To Be Loved by Blue will leave you wanting more.

To Be Loved by Blue

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