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Maddie and Keith’s love ignited like a spark in the nostalgic glow of the roller skating rink. But then Keith disappeared without a trace. One day, they were madly in love, promising each other forever, the next he was gone… no phone call, no forwarding address. Leaving a young Madison devastated and heartbroken.

A decade later, Keith Landon, a self-made man and the owner of a thriving construction company, moves to Jasperville determined to reclaimed what he left behind.

Over the years, Maddie has dreamed of this moment…the moment Keith would come back to her. Now that he has, unanswered questions and the pain of abandonment cause her to struggle to trust the man who still holds her heart.

But envy and jealousy threaten to tear apart the fragile bond they're working to rebuild.

Will their love be strong enough to withstand the dark storms raging around them, or will the shadows of the past succeed in extinguishing the flame of their newfound happiness?

Yours Forever, Again

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